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The most promising tech for game development

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This is a very opinionated post. It might as well be titled:

What I think is the most promising tech for game development for people with a low budget, working singlehanded, and that have similar skill as me

oh well

What is out there anyways?

Major players with best support for 3d games (not where I'm trying to go):

Those are also C++/C# programming languages. I've used them before but have no intention to freshen up on them anytime soon.

For 2d games I feel like the playing field has migrated a lot towards JavScript. My first games I ever built used Cocos2d, but their JS support doesn't look quite as appealing.

The tech is web

With the increasing performance gains in JS code execution, and how powerful the web in terms of content delivery (one medium many compatible consumers), it's what I would bet on.

Proper game engines are on a different league when it comes to performance, but the opportunity-cost tradeoff is greatly superior IMO.

They seem pretty similar in terms that they're both mature and well-maintained JavaScript projects. Phaser does define itself as a game development framework. PixiJS is a rendering library that you can use to create games, but their scope is a bit broader. I'm enticed to learn and use either of them.


All of the above. There's no limitation if you're running a web runtime. There are ways to bridge that gaps in mobile (Forem itself uses this), and similar approaches can allow a JS game to run everywhere with a single codebase. I'm thinking joysticks/controllers on laptops/PC's and mobile, all rendered in a website that hosts the games. There's food for thought there IMO.

The future

More research, brainstorming and meditation.

dwight meditating

I'll share more posts in the coming weeks.

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Fernando Author

Some context on what this is all about:

Whats up! This Forem is selfhosted using Digitalocean and will be a place for sharing some crazy different ideas around what could be achieved in game development using web technologies.

GGGames isn't a strongly developed project, but the community side of it runs on the Open Source project Forem. So let's start with this, and more details will grow from there organically 😁